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Oct 1

Hatfield House Chamber Music Festival
Angel’s Arc
Matthew Hunt, clarinet, & the Carducci Quartet

Oct 3

Hatfield House Chamber Music Festival
Lili Boulanger: Vielle prière bouddhique – Chamber Version
by Stephen Johnson (Voces 8 & ensemble)

Nov 11

Warwick Arts Centre
String Quartet (premiere)
Brodsky Quartet

Nov 18

Bohemian Theatre, New York
Angel’s Arc (American premiere)
Alexander Bedenko, clarinet, & the Ariel Quartet

Nov 22

G Live, Guildford
String Quartet
Brodsky Quartet


Feb 3

Kings Place, London
String Quartet
Brodsky Quartet



Audience Feedback

quoteSJ conveys knowledge and passion in fascinating language

quoteJust heard the riveting 90 minutes of Stephen Johnson on Ravel. I’m not a pianist, but SJ made me see Ravel as a major piano technician, as an innovator, as a genius. All credit to Johnson’s persuasive and utterly unpretentious manner, analytic skills, and sheer quietly infectious enthusiasm without histrionics or self-promotion. Some lovely playing too by Cedric Tiberghien of Gaspard de la Nuit in particular.

quoteMarvellous knowledge, fluency, musicianship, vocabulary, enthusiasm, generosity…

quoteSJ really knows his stuff and everything he puts together is immaculately researched and INTERESTING. Very much “Old School” Radio 3 and thank goodness he is still around…

quoteGives insight into literature as well

quoteHermes – it is funny you should say that about getting SJ presenting the Proms, because the very same thought went through my mind too. He’s articulate, he knows concert protocol (no gushing interjections from him a millisecond after the conductor puts down his arms,) and umm… he isn’t bad on the eyes either.


quoteMay I second the praise for Stephen Johnson, a terrific asset for R3 and an object lesson in modest and self-effacing presentation skills underpinned by a first rate understanding and love of his subject.